Who We Are?

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In Morocco Desert is a tourist guide that will assist you in exploring the magnificence of the Moroccan desert and providing an experience unlike any other.

It was founded by a group of indigenous desert residents who previously worked in a variety of tourism agencies and companies. The team’s origins date all the way back to the desert. We grew up in Merzouga and its environs, and we are intimately familiar with the desert. Our guides are experienced, educated, and fluent in a variety of languages, including English, Spanish, and French. We have extensive experience and our first goal is your enjoyment. Since then, we’ve served thousands of satisfied travelers worldwide.

Following the Corona pandemic, we came together and formed In Morocco Desert. You may be wondering why you would choose us over the numerous Moroccan travel agencies. You’ll find a list of reasons why you should book us below.

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Why In Morocco Desert ?

In Morocco Desert team is carefully selected based on their commitment and expertise in the location. Each member of our staff is proficient in English, Spanish, and French and is committed to ensuring that you have the best Moroccan tour experience possible.

PayPal ensures the security of your online transactions. We will never request payment card information from you. Tour substitutions or reimbursements are 100% guaranteed in the event of COVID-related unexpected events.

When traveling, having a clean, comfortable, and pleasant location to retreat to after a day of exploration is critical. That is why we carefully select each accommodation on your itinerary, ensuring that it matches our stringent standards for quality, location, and character.

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Our Core Values

We are accustomed to dealing with unpredictable and occasionally disruptive events.  Therefore, you need not be concerned if anything unexpected occurs during your tour. We will handle any schedule changes while keeping you safe and informed. Our 24-hour helpline ensures we’re always available.